We are investing
for sustainable impact!


A synergy between MONEY & MEANING

Starting from Kabul, Tamveel is a platform investing in initiatives contributing towards a brighter future, one city at a time!



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We Provide

Cash Investment

Tamveel impact investing platform invests in ideas and businesses with the potential to create social and environmental impact.

Technical Support

Tamveel impact investing supports business owners and entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses.

Investment Opportunity

We would love to share a similar experience and how we learned some valuable lessons.

Investment Process


Application Conversation

Upon receiving an investment request, we do our initial consulting with the business.

Business Evaluation

As part of the Due Diligence process, we evaluate/assess the business.

Investment Offer

Upon evaluation of the business, we offer them our investment. It includes the capital and professional technical support.


Upon signing the Agreement Both parties undertake their responsibilities.


Our M&E Team at Tamveel, develops the M&E framework and plan for the businesses/investments.

Impact Measurement

We measure the impact of our efforts and investments as part of this commitment.

Due Diligence Process

Application Review

Investment Package Discussion

Investment Decision

Our Investment Portfolio


Obrang is a digital art house with a team of creative yet professional artists. We give your brands the voice to talk to their stakeholders.


Golesang is an Afghanistan national clothing brand. Since 2019, Golesang is helping Afghan women to become financially independent.


Hashar is a volunteering platform with the aim to mobilize community members for solving community problems and bringing positive change to society.

Taak Inc.

Taak Inc. founded in 2012, is an Afghan A/E design company. Its mission is to nurture and encourage innovation in Afghanistan, revive Afghan architecture and provide its clients with professional services.

Meet Our Team

Matiullah Rahmaty

Chief Strategy Officer

Behishta Nazir

Project Lead

Milad Karimi

Finance Manager

Meena Bayat

Web Developer

Wasiqullah Sharifi

Graphic Designer

Farhat Joyan

Impact Officer

Hakima Mirzai

Social Media Officer

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