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Tamveel is a synergy between money and meaning. Starting from Kabul, Tamveel is a platform investing in initia-tives contributing towards a brighter future, one city at a time!

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We Provide

Cash Investment

Tamveel invests in ideas and busi-nesses with the potential to create social and environmental impact.

Technical Support

Tamveel provides:• Working space• Financial System Setup and Training• Business Operations Support & Training• Corporate Branding• Platform Development• Marketing support• Communication support• Professional Business Develop-ment Support• Network of experts• Legal Advise

Facilitating opportunities for impact investors

Tamveel assists investors to invest in mission-aligned and meaningful businesses and ideas. We help you find and invest in meaningful busi-nesses.

Investment Process



Upon receiving an investment request, we do our initial consulting with the business.

Business Evaluation

As part of the Due Diligence process, we evaluate/assess the business.

Investment Offer

Upon evaluation of the business, we offer them our investment. It includes the capital and professional technical support.


Upon signing the Agreement Both parties undertake their responsibilities. ؋؋Due Diligence Process


Our M&E Team at Tamveel, develops the M&E framework and plan for the businesses/investments.

Impact Measurement

We measure the impact of our efforts and investments as part of this commitment.

Due Diligence Process

Application Process

Investment Package Discussion

Investment Dicision

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