Meet Ziaullah Aseel,

He is the CEO of Obrang media company, the sister company of BrightPoint Consulting with one decade of experience as a video producer. Obrang, established by Ziaullah, provides audios, videos, documentaries services in different sectors.

In his early career stage, he worked in Maaref TV as an intern even though he was in 8 grade. After a while, as he got familiar with the work environment, he started working in TVs such as 24 TV, Kabul News, and 1 TV. Besides working in TV channels, he also worked in national and international organizations.

Due to his passion for media, Zia wanted to launch a company. His biggest struggle was taking a license for his company. Another concern Zia faced was financial problem. He wasn’t able to launch his business. He got familiar with Tamveel Impact Investing Platform and had started a partnership with them. After that, he launched Obrang media company. Zia says, “Tamveel is the best platform that paves the way for the implementation of ideas.”

One of his successes in his business journey was one of the projects in his company’s early stage. He said that he was stressed about the project, but when it comes to dream, one can cross all the barriers despite the hardships they have. That is what Zia did in completing the project with ending the stress by the strength of his passion.

His advice to young entrepreneurs is that accepting risk in starting a business is the key to the door of success of that business. He said that you could succeed, and you’ll find ways through different obstacles.

“I like Tamveel Impact Investment because it helped me have my own company. Therefore, I suggest Tamveel for young entrepreneurs because it helps them be a CEO and have their own company.” Ziaullah Aseel

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