What is Tamveel Impact investing Platform?


Tamveel, as one of the first Impact Investing Platforms, was established in 2019. It is an Impact Investing Platform in Afghanistan, offering unique financial solutions for businesses and startups. Tamveel Impact Investing Platform provides and facilitates financial, management, and technical support for startups through Cash Investment, leveraging capital, resources, expertise, knowledge, and network.

Due diligences Process

Our team consists of seven people working in different departments to provide unique services as part of our solution. We, as a team, work hard to facilitate access to finance for startups in the form of Impact Investing in the best possible way. We support the unique role that Impact Investing plays in achieving Sustainable Development Goals and building a sustainable future. 

Our mission is to create positive impacts as part of our contribution to the entrepreneurial ecosystem through leveraging capital, resources, expertise, knowledge, and network.

Being an agent of positive change and sustainable impact, we wanted to take the initiatives in Afghanistan market, which would cost us to carry a tremendous amount of risk. Therefore, it’s required us to have strong courage, commitment, and passion towards this decision. 

After years of hard work and market research about sustainable development and access to finance for startups in the context of Afghanistan, we ended up finding Impact Investing model the best fit for attracting local and foreign investors to invest in Afghanistan and support local startups and businesses whose aim is sustainable impact. 

To reduce exposure to risk and misunderstanding, we have essential yet straightforward steps for the due diligence process to ensure that the two parties -our team and our clients- are aware of all detailed information before agreeing on them.  

Due diligences Process:

  1. Application review: includes Application Conversation and Business Evaluation. We conduct initial meetings with the applicants/entrepreneurs and evaluate the business through our pre-defines/developed evaluation tool. In this stage, we work to identify the business/idea potential for growth and areas for improvement.
  2. Investment Package Discussion: Upon evaluating the business, we discuss the investment/finances amount and other technical support needed for the companies to help them grow.
  3. Investment Decision: once we agreed on an investment amount or package, we proceed with the investment.
  4. At Tamveel, it takes us about nine days to complete the Due Diligence process and provide investment for businesses. 

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If your business idea addresses any of the SDGs for sustainable impact, there is a chance for you to benefit from our service. Our Tamveel team is there for you for financial, management, and technical support. Also, we can assist you as part of the investment process and management if you are an impact investor.

You can reach us through email at: behesha.nazir@tamveel.com.

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