She is Leading the Hashar volunteering platform, an Afghan volunteering platform that works to promote the culture of volunteerism with higher social impact, comprising 200 volunteers in 6 areas in 8 provinces.

She is taking her bachelor’s in the field of BBA at Dunya University. At the same time, she is working with BrightPoint consulting services company as project assistant with professional background in business communication, event management, project management & planning, entrepreneurship, and English teaching methodology.

She worked with American councils for international education at Kabul as program assistant intern, which added more to her professional career.

Sumaia believes that struggles are all the way there when we are starting a new initiative or launching a new company. She stated that “when we launched Hashar Volunteers, COVID has spread all over the world, and governments have quarantined their nations to decrease the increase of virus.” She was worried about Hashar and how she could still work from home. That was a hard time for her making a way to work at the time of COVID. Then, she came up with a plan, using social media and informing people about this deadly virus through social media.

When it comes to success, she had excellent successful outcomes. She added more than 200 volunteers in 8 provinces of Afghanistan, increased focused areas, created a profile, and had 12 projects in one year. Hashar is known between its stakeholders and volunteers now as an Afghan volunteering platform working to solve social problems through the efforts of the volunteers.

As Hashar is an Investment of Tamveel impact investing, she appreciates the Tamveel team’s complex works for their commitment and investment.

Sumaia said, “There is nothing more important on starting a new business, but a clear vision and self-commitment for facing any challenge on the way of our business.”  

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